We exists where the city meets the sea. We prefer both the calm and the storm. We believe it isn’t about dividing classic and contemporary, because we acknowledge that in order to create something new there needs to be unity.

O3 Hair is an Australian-based haircare company devoted to delivering an exceptional styling range with a unique signature to help men refine their hair while withstanding the elements of the environment. Though the brand was established in 2016, the concept was developed years earlier by its two founders. Inspired by the resurgence of the men’s grooming, they decided to create a product that was original, home-grown and something that they’d be happy to see people use.

We released our first product, Ocean, to test the water on how the brand would do in the market and fortunately for us, it was well received with a great amount of zeal by the people. We had no other choice but to continue and nurture where this venture would take us. During our time working on the new collection, we watched as the industry grew with a rapid change of pace and how much white noise was being added to the men’s hair styling products. We wanted to stop and breathe and reconsidered why we were on this journey in the first place. Essentially, we wanted to create a line that would help men get the most out of their styling regime so it becomes an extension of himself and his idea of aesthetic. Fast forward to 2020 and we are so proud to bring the next wave of styling products; Bloom, Ember, Graphite and Solar.

O3 Hair